Friday, February 26, 2010

today is a new day.

Yesterday was not a good day. For starters, Will had to go to the pedi because he's had a nasty cough & then I noticed all these white spots on his tongue. Well Dr.D our regular pedi was all booked up so I had to see someone else. I got to Sutter and got called back. I learned we would be seeing a 2nd year resident. fine. So he comes in checks out Will & we are talking & I mention how we started oatmeal cereal about a week ago. (By the way he weighed 17 lbs. 4 oz!!!!) He immedietly started questioning me telling me I shouldn't be doing. (This was ok'd by Dr.D the week prior.) He goes to get his attending physician to check out the white spots & she begins to question me regarding the solids. I mention to her I'm not trying to take an easy way out but when my child is up every 2 hours to eat 6-8 oz. every night I know he's starving. She goes on to tell me that this is a "behavioral issue." I lost it the minute I walked out the door. Bawled my eyes out in the car & to Jamee & to Eric when I got home. Not what a new mother, trying her best wants to hear.

After I got home, Eric watched Will & I left. I got in my car. By myself. The 22 second drive to Bel-Air wasn't long enough. I walked slowly to Starbucks. This was something a hot mocha could fix & boy did it taste good. I walked to the grocery store & took my....sweeet.....time. Who knew I would run away to the grocery store to be alone!?

Thursday, February 25, 2010


So when I became a mom I immediately found the things I love & the things I don't love. Who really spends $45 on a 14x14inch piece of fabric? Apparently I do. He already has a special bond with his Little Giraffe blankey (or I'd like to think he does.) Is it really neccessary to spend $3.99 on Boogie Wipes? I certainly think so -they smell oh so good. Certain other blankets we use around the house: I got 3 million of them as gifts & yet I go through the same 4 because of their ubber softness, cuteness, & ability to scream "I'm a boy." Nuk pacifiers: because Soothies look ridiculous. Johnnson & Johnson Nightime bath - I'm pretty sure my parents' used J&J & I still have 10 fingers & 10 toes. Driving all the way to Sacramento to get Pampers Swaddlers in size 2-3 so I don't have to give in to the yucky feeling of Baby Drys' yet. Pampers Sensitive wipes NOT the "thick" sensitive because those one's smell like old beer. Of course my beloved BOB stroller...I think it speaks for itself. On-the-go meals for myself are a must these days & I'm currently obsessed with the Healthy Choice Pasta strainer ones: so yummy! And what got me to write this post: I bought a pair of jeans from babyGap that were lined with flannel. Its like cheating; Will thinks he's wearing sweatpants but he looks 10x cuter because they are really jeans. Well my huge child grew out of the 6-12 months & I went back for the bigger size. Of course they stopped making them. So at 1am last night I got on eBay. Oh eBay, I swear you can find anything. Sure enough, my favorite pair of jeans for the boy for $4.99. Can't beat that. (although I did pay more for shipping then the actual jeans.)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

who doesn't love The Children's Place!?

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Shortly after Will was born my mom asked me if I ever thought I could love something as much as I love Will. I never knew I could have so much love for one human being. I thought my wedding day was the happiest day of my life & I thought I couldn't possibly love anything as much as I love Eric. Eric's best man said in his speech, "You think today is the happiest day of your life, wait until your baby is born." I knew it would be an exciting day but I never fathomed how it would change me forever. Just when I think I cannot love him anymore, I pick him up, squeeze him & I just want to hold him all day. His smile makes me melt, he's the happiest baby I've ever met (I'm dreading have more because I know they will never be this easy!), & I'm so happy how my life has changed. The beer bottles have been replaced with milk bottles, the drunk late night munchies have turned into late night feedings, & our Saturday nights out have turned into going to sleep at 8pm! But I would never in a million years trade my old life for this life. I can't wait for what our future holds as a family & I'm so grateful for the 2 boys in my life. They complete me.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

People actually read this!

THANK YOU JESS! Jess over at Nurse Momma nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award & I'm truly flattered!

So here's how it works...

Here are the rules for the award:

~Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.

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7 Pretty Sweet Things About ME!

1. I love being a SAHM but cannot wait to be a nurse.
2. My entire dad's side of the fam lives in England.
3. I go to Target almost everyday.
4. I tore my ACL standing in the lift line snowboarding = )
5. My husband thinks I eat at least 5lbs. of chocolate a week. I'm obsessed.
6. Glee is my favorite show on TV.
7. There were chickens walking around my wedding reception.

My nominations:

Jill, one of my closest friends over @
Alissa of Molly & Mommy @
Morgan over @
Blair over @
Ashleigh over @
Amy over @ (SUPER yummy quick meals!!)
Julie over @

Friday, February 19, 2010

I don't know how this happened.

I'll let you see it with your very own eyes. I got on the scale this morning & this is what is said. Thats right....10 more lbs. & I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I have no idea how this happened. I started eating Lean Cuisine for dinner the past 3days & thats the only thing different I've done. I'm going to count my lucky stars & keep doing what I'm doing!!! SO EXCITED....hopefully I'll be down to 150 by the time we leave for Hawaii!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

formula monster.

I feel like the little ceramic pig that sits on our counter eats our formula on a nightly basis. I just went to the store to buy a big can & bam its almost gone! I then stop & remember that my 3 month old weights 17 lbs. ***huge sigh***

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a few of this momma's favorite things.

The best Christmas present. ever. Thank you Eric. I use this every single day & LOVE it. I used to hop in my car every morning on my way to work or school & stop at Starbucks. Not only is it saving me money, its saves me calories! (No more mochas!)

Anything Bumble & Bumble! My sister works at an amazing salon & always brings me these products. My current fav is the brand new b&b Mending. Smells amazing & works wonders on unruly hair (I see a give-away in the near future!)

This sheet saver is so practical. If you have a crib bumper you know what a pain it is to wash the sheet! This is great for babies who spit up alot. (& it looks good - you can still see your original bedding!)

Will's current favorite toy! He laughs & smiles everytime he sees this guy!! He plays music & Will loves to chew on his legs.

My sister in law recommended this bath seat & we love it. Will can sit in it now & really likes sitting up in the bath! Its great because most bath seats suction to the bottom of the tub & can become a safety hazard - this one hooks over the side of the tub.

Oh the Woombie. A great swaddling option for little houdini's who break out of regular swaddles. YES it makes your child look like a jelly bean but it does a great job!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the birds & the bees

Happy conception day(s) Will!!
I couldn't resist to share this.....approx. 1 year ago this happened:

to create this precious human being:

Hope I didn't scar any of you too much = ) Have a great week!

Monday, February 15, 2010

I've fallen off the bandwagon (& can't get up)

I gave in & about 1.5 months late I'm joining Blair from Heir to Blair & her McFatty Monday quest to lose the baby weight. I'm serious about looking hot in a swimsuit (note how I put swimsuit NOT bikini!), I'm serious about not wearing yoga pants that go 4 inches over my belly button to hide my fat, I'm serious about waiting to buy a pair of jeans until my pre-preggo jeans fit, I'm serious about wanting to run longer than 5 minutes, & I'm serious about being healthy if Eric & I are serious about trying to get pregnant next winter = ) SURPRISE! I hate getting out of the bathtub because starring back in our huge mirror is this person I barely recognize. I shut my eyes, grab my towel & wrap it as tight as I can around myself. As if stretchies on my stomach are not enough, the batwings on my arms & the triple chin adds just enough to motivate me. Enough with the self-pity party & on to my plan: I would LOVE to be able to afford Nutrisystem but that is out of the question so I will try my best to eat healthy, re-start taking Alli before each meal & CONTINUE to run/walk everyday. ALSO added hopefully sometime tonight will be "BEFORE" pictures. I plan on taking them monthly so I have something to look back at as well as proof to you so you can hold me to it!

"there is only one happiness in love & be loved."

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day....+ 3

Grammy & Grandpa offered to babysit Will while Eric & I went to dinner tonight. Its so funny how my life has changed.....I would so rather sit at home on a Saturday night with my little family of 3. So the pot roast is in the oven...Sydney is coming to spend the night & "Cupid" is all ready to make an appearance while everyone is sleeping. (Will made Daddy a construction man teddy bear at Build a Bear!) Will is ready to sport his "Mommy's Valentine" shirt to Church in the morning & heart shaped pancakes are a must! Its a day to acknowlede the ones you love, a good excuse to wear pink & an even better reason to turn everything into hearts!

Friday, February 5, 2010

let me tell you 'bout my best friend....

I caved in & bought Sophie the Giraffe. The girls on the Bump all rave about her so I got one. Definitly worth EVERY penny! Will is in love with her!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

flying high

I thought I'd share his room since we waited until about a month after he was born to finish it!

vacation=huge success

We spent last weekend in Lake Almanor with Jake, Jamee & Ben and Brent, Laryssa, & baby Jack! It was such a fun time & I'm proud to say it was so much easier than what I had been anticipating! Thank you SO much to J&J for sharing their beautiful cabin with us. So here's a summary of the weekend: We were a 4 car deep caravan on the way up which made for fun when we stopped to feed the babies. It was beautiful in Chico & we sat on the tailgate to soak up all the Vitamin D we could!

After a 2 hour drive from Chico to Almanor without so much of a peep from Will (I would look back & he was just looking around outside at the trees & the snow before falling asleep again) we went over Aunt Lexi & Mike's cabin next door where Laryssa & I started on a few glasses of wine. Probably wasn't the BEST idea since I haven't really taken to drinking since Will was born. Everyone began to arrive & we had a wonderful dinner with amazing friends & family!

So Brent & Eric went back to our cabin & set up the Pack n' Plays. We all went back to our cabin & the 3 boys had matching PJ's!!! Ben was SO EXCITED!

Will went down around 9:30pm. He was an awesome sleeper: slept until 3:30am then again until 7:30am. The next morning was awesome we hung around & a big group went snowmobiling while we all stayed back. A few chick flicks, mimosas, Bud Lights, & Bloody Mary's (I made it through about 2 sips of mimosa) later we took the babies outside for their first time in the snow! SO CUTE!

Sorry for the picture overload - I just thought it might be better than me rambling on about our weekend! Last picture is of the Daddy's feeding the babies while we were cooking dinner. priceless. Anyways, great trip, made it 3 hours home without stopping. I feel like Hawaii will be a piece of cake. Can't wait for July!