Sunday, March 14, 2010

wouldn't have it any other way.

We have successfully made it through our first night away from Will. I dropped him off yesterday afternoon with Grammy (my mom) & Grandpa. They told me to have a wonderful night & not to call....but they PROMISED to text me updates. I didn't have a single ounce of worry in my body when I left him there. There is something comforting knowing your momma - the one who raised you, loved you, is taking care of your baby. I came home & we had 3 hours until we had to leave. I sat around our completly quiet house, missing the giggles, cries, screams, & diaper changes. Its funny how even when those moments seem stressfull, I wouldn't change our life for anything. I realized how much Will brings to our life: love, busyness, chaotic at times, joy, & how he seems to fill every single minute of everyday. Around 7 we got ready & headed to the Cecil's for Brian's 60th Birthday. I told myself I couldn't drink much because I wanted to enjoy my night of sleep & couldn't ruin it with a hangover. One beer & an 1.5 hours later we were home. It was a beautiful party....LOTS of people & good company but I wanted nothing more than to sit on our couch & relax. I made it the whole time without talking to my mom & dad thanks to my Dad's hourly text updates! I was alseep by 9:30 & I NEVER thought I'd say this, but I missed getting up in the night & seeing Will's face. I mean I slept great, but it made me realize how much of a routine I am in. I was up at 6am like clockwork & on the phone to Grammy telling me everything went great. It was a wonderful experience but definitly don't plan on doing it anytime soon!