Thursday, November 5, 2009

team blue.

I thought I was just going to the doctor for a check up on Monday November 2. I never thought the next time I walked through my front door I would have my baby in my arms! I got the doctor at 10am & she checked me - I told her how I've continued to have contractions & had gone to the birthing center on Friday night but the sent me home because the contractions weren't strong enough. Well she checked me & I was 6cm. almost 7cm! She explained to me that I needed to go to the birthing center & they would "augment" my labor because I would probably walk around until I was 9 or 10 cm. not knowing it. She left me in the exam room so she could call labor & delivery & I called Eric. He was working in Napa that morning & I frantically told him we were having a baby today! I got to the birthing center at 11am & Eric was there by 11:30am. The midwife came in & explained that they would break my water & see what happened from there. At 12:00pm she broke my water & by 12:30pm I was 10 cm. dilated. I went from having a few cramps that morning to full on transition labor with less than 30 seconds of relief from contractions. I was screaming (literally) for an epidural & they told me "okay lets get the IV started" but Eric heard them say there was NO way I could get an epidural. I was crying, throwing up, screaming for some kind of relief. They got an IV started & were able to give me some Fentenol. It took the edge off but I definitly felt everything. I started pushing around 1pm. Eric held one of my legs towards the end & was able to see everything happen. I was so impressed he watched!

William Andrew Broward "Will" was born at 3:21pm weighing 9 lbs. 5 oz. 20 3/4 inches long. As most of you know we didn't know the sex & that was the most amazing, defining moment of our entire life. (I made them check again!) Eric cried, I cried, & baby Will laid quietly in awe. The most amazing day I have & will ever experience. We have never been so in love.