Thursday, January 6, 2011

new year, new me.

I know. That is SO cliche.

I promise to post a Christmas post about how we toted Will around from house to house & eventually ended up in our PJ's eating Chinese food. It was epic.

I feel like with the turn of the year, everything magically fell into place. I've always been worried life would start to slow down, the days would drag by. Quite the opposite has happened & I know I owe alot of that to my running up the stairs, try and catch me toddler. (What the HELL happened to baby!!?) School consumed me 2 months after Will was born, the summer was full of swimming, a trip to Hawaii, birthdays, & late night wine-drinking on the new patio set. The Fall came & went with my Algebra class I've put off since my first semester of college (dumbest.idea.ever) & BAM just like that, Will's 2nd Christmas has come & gone.

& folks, thats where we are now. Just as all the seasons bring a change - January brings a new sense of "I can do it." I haven't made any resolutions, as I hope to make this a lifestyle. I'm so happy that my days are consumed with Will, with new friends, new goals, & new things to do. We started gymnastics yesterday with 3 other mommas I've met around the area. It was a blast! Weight Watchers weigh-in was the morning....I switched over to Woodland & sure enough ran into my neighbor who I had briefly ran down one afternoon, but haven't been able to meet up with since. Another huge motivation for keeping up with the meetings. And my half-marathon running group. That starts next week but I feel as though it is going to be a monumental time in my life. I'm blessed to be surronded by great friends, good health, & amazing family.

I can't wait for 2011 & what is holds. RN school? a baby? (I'm NOT pregnant...sheeeeeesh....but if RN school doesn't happen in the never know!) Its been a week of nothing but good & I hope its a taste of whats to come.