Wednesday, December 30, 2009

'twas the night before christmas & Will slept all through the night

It was probably the best Christmas gift I could of asked for. After a long 2 nights (Tues. & Wed.) Will slept Wednesday night from 10:30-5:30am. You might say thats not through the night but ask any mom who can get more than 2 hours of consecutive sleep - pure bliss.

Our 1st Christmas as a family is officially under our belts & it was incredible. Having a child made Christmas a million times better - more magical. Although we couldn't capture his face as he opened his gifts - theI was in awe at how amazing Santa did on his own! An Eddie Bauer high chair, a gazillion outfits which are so adorable (I'm still not quite sure where Santa learned to shop like this....ask my sister-in-law about her husband's shopping capabilities! LOVE YOU JAKE!) lots of good toys, a Little Giraffe blankey from Mommy & Daddy (the Rolls Royce of blankeys in case you are out of the loop!) a bath seat for when he can sit up, & my favorite gift of all: Will got Daddy a sign that reads "I have a hero...his name is Daddy." Our house is OFFICIALLY turned into babyland with toys galore.

Warmest wishes for 2010 (we are hoping for a little less eventful year!!)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

1 kid and counting.....

No....I'm not pregnant =) In fact I just picked up my prescription for my birth control. Dubbed the "mini pill" - I'm not to comforted in reading the pamphlet that came with it explaining how 8 out of 100 women will get pregnant on it.....hmmmm. We aren't planning on having a competition with the Duggar Family thats for sure. On to another topic - we have officially made it through our first month of being parents & I wanted to point out some highlights (& lowlights for that matter!)

1. Stay up sometime to watch Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, & Conan O'Brian - they are hiliarious & its exactly what I need at midnight when my child seems to think I starve him.

2. I realized my life had changed when I sat down at the kitchen table, lit some candles, & starting paying bills. That was my "me" time & I was perfectly happy with it!

3. Swings are the hands down #1 life-saver. We currently have one downstairs & one upstairs (thank you Jamee!)

4. There is some kind of hype over a rubber giraffe: Sophie the Giraffe. I guess she might have to make an appearance this Christmas. (Yes Mom, that is a stocking stuffer hint)

5. I swore I would never give my child a pacifier or bottle. Well he had a bottle within minutes of birth due to low blood sugar. We also have to supplement with formula daily. The pacifier has SAVED my nipples. (And he looks to darn cute sucking away: think Maggie from the Simpson's)

6. There are no morning naps anymore. Will is up from 5:30am - until approx. 2ish. He will scream & be fussy & the MINUTE Eric walks through the door he's asleep for 4 hours. I really don't get it.

7. I'm pretty sure I get the worst mother of the year award: Poor Will peed straight into his own mouth & then it pooled up in his eyes. Hince the invention of Pee Pee Tee-Pees = )
Signing out from under the play gym - its feeding time at this zoo.