Thursday, January 28, 2010

blast from the past.

Okay, I cannot stop laughing. I just found this picture on my Photobucket account. It was about 4 summers ago up in Lake Tahoe. Let me set the mood - family vacay & after about 7 shots I stole from my Dad's handle of Jack Daniels later around 12am, my sister, & cousin Chris sat & watched as I turned all of the chairs set up for a wedding ceremony backwards (facing away from the lake). I honestly did not remember this until I saw the picture the next day & walked down to the lake to see the staff turning all 300 chairs back around. priceless. just keepin it classy ya know = )

a world of thanks.

So I had dropped Will of yesterday with Jill & baby Jacob & got in my car & my mind was racing with thoughts. I got teary-eyed as I thought of all the people we have that love us & support us. We have so many people who we trust watching Will & are making this transition easy for us. As most of you know I decided about 3 weeks ago to finish my last class so I can apply for the RN program. It was a huge leap of faith but my drive to do it after my labor experience was huge. I want nothing more than to work in labor & delivery. So thank you to all who are making this work for me as I continue toward my goal & thank you all who have been there for us as we brought Will into the world for your generosity, love & support. It truly means the world to Eric & I.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Things I love:

walking upstairs & it being 10 degrees hotter.
being able to leave my baby with Daddy for 6 hours & he said they had a great time - no complaints at all.
going into the spare bedroom/office & finding things I lost....last summer.
not making our bed & it serving as a constant reminder that anytime during the day I can cuddle up & be super cozy.
finally weighing less than our 190 lb. dog. thank god.
the smell of candles from fall & christmas. all.year.long.
i got an A on my first quiz...small accomplishment but huge in the long run.
the family & friends I have that I trust to watch Will.
the fact that I will NEVER wear a 2 piece swimsuit ever.again. (thanks to my "flame tattoo" a.k.a. stretch marks, thanks sis).
tax returns= new BOB stroller.
our amazing Hawaii vacation this July to motivate me this spring in school & working out/dieting.
living close enough to walk to Bel Air & Target.
diaper/tote bag from Pottery Barn Kids.
Tommee Tippee bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups (from England).
that we have the same clock in our kitchen as Gretchen from "The Real Housewives of O.C."
my Dad has already planned a trip to Disneyland for June 2011.
nap time.

Things I don't love:

that our dog wakes up more times in the middle of the night than our child.
having to leave my baby for 6 hours/2 days a week.
that my mom works all day, every weekday - she should
this yucky rain. christmas is over - it needs to be summer...stat.
our upstairs walls are still completely bare.
I haven't gotten my hair done since the week before Will was born. yikes.
our Christmas lights are still up.
this rain again = no walks with Will.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

20 lbs. to go

Okay ya'll. So I was positive the minute I was un-pregnant I would be back on the treadmill running & at DAC doing Crossfit 3 times a week. HAHAHA. right. I joined a gym that it about 27 seconds away from our house & have made it there 3 times in 4 weeks. At this rate by the time Will turns 5 I will have lost my baby weight....but wait....I'm sure there will be MORE babies by then! I've been trying to get back into my running routine by walking 4 minutes & jogging 2. I can do that 4 times. Thats right, if you do the math, I can run for a total of 8 minutes - all while feeling as though I have met the Devil face to face. I was running at times, before pregnancy, 3 miles a few times a week. I asked the Dr. about this the other day & she told me the sweetest thing my ears have heard: Your not supposed to run until 4 months post-partum! Why? Because the hormone Relaxin is released up until 4 months making your joints extremely painful, exactly what I have been experiencing. There is a God & a good excuse I can give Eric as to why I can't run. If you didn't know, I start back at school next week: 2 days a week. My last class & then I will be off to the RN program! So between school, Will, Eric, & our house, the gym comes in close LAST. I looked at my options: Nurtrisystem, Alli, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, crack (JUST KIDDDING!), walking down the street & stealing back the Treadmill we put a "FREE" sign on at the height of my pregnancy. (Stupid, right?)Weight Watchers is out because last time I paid a slightly fluffy old lady to weigh me, I steadily gained close to 10 lbs. Nutrisystem means I still have to cook another meal for Eric every night...not happening. Kirstie Ally is just not convincing me that Jenny Craig is the way to go. So behold my decision: last Sunday I gave in a bought Alli. Yes, the pill with "treatment effects" listed as anal leakage. At this point in my life, I feel as though there are worse things. I will proudly say I have NOT experienced any nasty side effects as of yet as I have CAUTIOUSLY been eating healthy. (Minus Jill's birthday cake last night) The gym at some point will be inevitable - I know my swim suit I have to wear when we spend a week in Hawaii this summer is not going to look good because I sat around & ate Hershey Kisses all Spring. So here's to healthy eating & eventually hitting the gym more than 3 times. (maybe I can save all my money for the BOB jogging stroller I desperatly want - hopefully motivation to hit the pavement for some quality speed walking) & of course NO treatment effects from Alli = )