Monday, November 22, 2010

all the fun things Will says

A much needed update on what Will does & says! So Will's favorite word is "Ball." Hands down. He does use it only when appropriate though. For intance, we were walking past a trunk that had a huge bag full of soccer balls (think circa 1990's AYSO) & he shouts "Ball," well it sounds more like "Baaaaaaa," but I'd like to point out that a it is NOT the same sound a sheep makes according to Will. He will tell you what an elephant, duck & horse sounds like. The horse is my favorite. I was frantically making dinner to a screaming babe when I said, "Just hold your horses," & without skipping a beat I hear Will's horse-clicking sound. I almost peed my pants. Sunday morning I came downstairs and Eric & Will were watching Horsepower TV on the Speed Channel, I picked him up (Will, not Eric) & asked if he had fun watching Horsepower TV not even thinking about it, & sure enough, I got the clicking sound!! It makes me melt everytime knowing that what I've said to him has rubbed off & his little brain is working! Per Eric's request Will can make the sound of a racecar. Another favorite is whenever he sees himself in a picture or sees another baby, he says "Baby," which sounds a little more like "baba." He will walk up to Eric's laptop, point & shout, "baby!" (Maybe he's indicating he wants a sibling!? I'd like to think so!)

I'm sure I could bore you with more stories of my perfect kid, but I'll leave it to that. Eric dug Rockband out of the closet & has been playing since 6:30. I have some butt to kick!

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